by P.T. Choudary, Chairman IDEAz

“Nobody is as smart as everybody.” There is really nothing absolutely new in the world of human interactions and many of the newer ideas too have earlier roots as evidenced by the many quotations in the articles. However there are different ways of interpretation and application, arising out of better knowledge and improved or newer ideas that lead to better interactions and consequences.

As Nigel Lawson acknowledged in his book ‘An Appeal to Reason’, - I too really admit that I am not a scientist or an economist. But then neither are the vast majority of those who pronounce on such matters as covered in these articles with far greater certainty than I do herein. Nor are those who have to take key decisions about these critical issues. Rather they are responsible politicians, who having listened to the opinion of the experts, must reach the best decision they can in the light of all the various expert opinions available to them. So must we all, and I have herein tried to present the matters as I, an informed layman, sees them to help you, the reader, to do so too.

I quote the prolific writer Louis L’amour who, in reply to a journalist’s query about the many books in his library which seemed read and re-read, said - “these books are my ‘Gurus’, who help me learn and understand what I need to, when I need to, and at the pace that I can.”

I gratefully acknowledge that all I write is derived from my understanding of the ideas, insights and writings of many such ‘Gurus’, on the pyramid of whose shoulders I stand, seeking to see further along the path to understanding and harmony, as they in turn stood on the shoulders of the many great thinkers who preceded them. I have learnt, understood, borrowed and adapted their ideas, concepts and at times even some of their words to put together my interpretation as my contribution to what I perceive as a better understanding of, or a more effective solutions to, today’s problems. As it has not been practical for me to individually and specifically acknowledge every contribution of each of them, I hereby thank all of them. I have however, in the various articles, mentioned the names of those from whose writings I have been more liberal in drawing from, and request you to please “GOOGLE” and read their writings for a more complete understanding. Ofcourse the full responsibility for any mistakes and failures of interpretation and assumption remain only mine.

I, in turn, request all those who would like to draw on any of the Essays herein to please feel free to do so, only requiring that they acknowledge the website in order to allow their readers to in turn also have the opportunity to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the issue by identifying and also reading the writings of all those who came before. Knowledge shared is

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