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Qualified, competent, industrious Bureaucrats with high integrity and loyalty to the Nation and an attitude of ‘Service before Self’ are essential for a Government to function properly. They must be selected from those who have proved themselves so for some years in Service and also displayed discipline and the ability to take and obey/execute orders, not just assume that their position allows them to only give orders.

Just passing one examination to attain to a lifetime sinecure of a job and pension thereafter is not being fair to the population that expects so much from them. Their appointment should be for a contract period of Five years to be renewed based on performance and on passing courses for an additional five years. Promotion  must also be on similar criteria. To ensure their best, Bureaucrats can be asked to compete with competent professionals from the Private Sector and also personnel from other Services seeking lateral entry into the Bureaucracy again for a contract period at appropriate levels for specific appointments.

A good and effective Bureaucracy is what helps the Politicians decide upon and execute policies properly.

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