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hello sir, we met in the library.. :) you must have noticed by now that as soon as we finished speaking, Tania and I were heading up to the computers to check this site, a pleasurable experience indeed. I just wanted to let you know that; Today’s youth, has a lot of potential. All the politicians of this era are emulating each other, getting corrupted and in fact, after the 2G scam, all the exteriors have been stripped, revealing their dark and morbid interiors, that they would go so low to attain meager sums of money. No young leader has shown such levels of corruption, though there are a few cases of it (i wont disagree) its not on such a large scale. so in my opinion, the youth just needs a little trust, and our world will turn itself around :) I don’t mean to be prejudiced, yet, I believe that age is not a factor, to be taken to consideration whilst choosing leaders.
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