"Ecological Catastrophe - mainly due to Human activities?"

"Ecological Catastrophe - mainly due to Human activities?"
by: P.T. Choudary, Chairman IDEAz

Quotations for consideration:

  • “On what principle is it, that when we see nothing but improvement behind us, we are to expect nothing but deterioration before us?” - Thomas Babington Macaulay.
  • “To hold that progress has only been at the cost of environmental degradation, to more people being exposed to greater pollution and suffering greatly from such effects, is being selectively short sighted.” - Matt Ridley.
  • “The activist is not the man who says the river is dirty. The activist is the man who cleans up the river.” - Ross Perot.
  • "There is no more common error than to assume that, because prolonged and accurate mathematical calculations have been made, the application of the result to some fact of nature is absolutely certain." - A. N. Whitehead(1911)
  • "It is worth noting the contradiction in the position of many climate change activists. They often cite the predictions of climate change models as if it were a near certainty that the future will unfold as described. But on the subject of Geo-engineering such as proposals to spray aerosols into the Arctic atmosphere in the expectation that they would increase sunlight reflection and decrease warming - they are opposed on the grounds that we know so little about the complex interactions of the atmosphere that we cannot possibly predict the outcome of such schemes. They can't have it both ways" - Dan Gardener

Key Concepts:

  • Changes in Global Climate are evident, but how damaging are they really?
  • We may be responsible for some environmental damage, but - for all or most of it?
  • Should our response be to ‘roll back the clock’, or chase impractical goals, or should it be to work to encourage innovation and to harness better Technologies to solve the problem?
  • Since humans have adapted to living at temperatures from the Arctic to the Equator, there is no reason to worry about small changes in temperature whatever its cause. Plan to mitigate such effects.
  • Context is very important when trying to understand things.

[Are we really responsible for the Global Warming or is it that we just like to imagine and arrogate to ourselves such capability or are we missing the real reasons for the major Negative Environmental effects - Planetary, Solar or Cosmic?]

Key Metrics:

  • Human beings comprise only about 0.5 % by weight of all the land animals on the planet.
  • It is calculated that if all seven billion people of the world were to be settled in India at the same population density as of some of the major cities they would only occupy as much space as given below:
  1. At population density of Mumbai - all will fit in Rajasthan.
  2. At the population density of Kolkata - all will fit in Maharashtra
  3. At the population density of Chennai - all will fit in AP + Karnataka + Mizoram
  4. At the population density of Delhi - all will fit in Jharkhand + MP+ Maharashtra


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