"Education in the 21st Century"

"Education in the 21st Century"
by: P.T. Choudary, Chairman IDEAz

Quotations for consideration:

  • “Our youth does not form 100 % of the population but they definitely form 100 % of the future of our Society. We cannot prepare the future for our youth but we can certainly prepare our youth for the future”. - Shiv Khera.
  • "We want that education by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased, the intellect is expanded, by which one can stand on one’s own feet.” - Swami Vivekananda.
  • "...Improving the quality of education is a cost free way to raise prosperity... the increase in economic benefits far outstrips the cost of investments."- Paul J. Zak
  • "Good grades aren't as good outside school as they are in it" - Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Key Concepts:

  • “How do you teach children the skills for the (future) since we don’t know which skills will be needed then” - Paul Doolan . You need to make them learn from how others had successfully learnt in the past. As the Arab proverb goes – “He who doesn’t have (knowledge of the) past, has no future”.
  • Children are inherently curious and creative, characteristics that education must encourage. Education must teach how to do something or make something, instead of being all about memorizing facts and passing tests. This should begin right from Play School level with unstructured play emphasizing learning by doing and to develop the attitude and ability to persist with what one is doing till it is done.
  • Education psychology researchers at Purdue University have determined that good science education at the earliest is supremely important and have developed an approach to teaching science in Kindergarten integrating it with language. The combination delights the children and appeals to the teachers. (See www.purduescientificliteraryproject.org).
  • To ensure and encourage the implementation of the right to education, it is not only that more & proper schools need to be setup, but also that teachers be made accountable through a system of monitoring and merit pay, and also that the students be incentivized by the mid day meals scheme and given a choice of a school vide a voucher system that forces schools to compete to be better. In order to ensure rapid growth in the infrastructure for education the Government should declare schools as a priority sector endeavour, and encourage private participation allowing for a reasonable profit thereon to be determined by the market based on competition.

    Private schools, as recommended by the Economist – August 2012 , could also be modeled on Swedish / American / British “Free / Charter” schools or academies. These are called ‘Free’ schools because they are designed to be largely independent of the local educational bureaucracies and teachers unions. They receive the same level of public funding as the State schools but are independently managed. Such schools have been successful because they offer freedom to shape the school to the pupils, rather than the other way around. Schools can change the length of


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In Science to 12th standard better to introduce SEMI CONDUCTOR PHYSICS as it is the basic for all electronic devices and little bit of introduction to logical gates so that when they come to Engineering or degree they can easily learn electronics because many of students think that electronics is a tough subject as they were never taught in earlier classes.Please think over it.Thank u.

The fundamental problem ailing our country is the the lack of importance attached to 'teaching as a profession' and the centuries old adage 'if you can't survive otherwise take up teaching' still stands true even today.With the result the basic ingredient in teaching, the 'passion'is lacking and any teacher irrespective of the level goes about his job rather mechanically and the qualityu of product is obvious for all of us to see with barely 20-25% of the engineers produced in the country being employable.In my view a teacher is not only responsible for imparting the academic knowledge to a student but is equally responsible to turn out a good human being, of whom the society could be proud of.How many of them could become role models for their students, by leaving their foot prints behind?Remember the good old Raymond ad? Another important issue is this' education ' forming part of the concurrent list with the result neither the states nor the centre take the full responsibility for the uniformity in standards.God help us when two different parties are in power at the cetre and the state.Strangely even at the centre three ministries of HRD, Health and Law can not come together to have a common regulatory body like NCHER etc.All said and the first step to improve the state of education is to start treating 'teaching'as a noble profession at par with 'soldiering' as the former builds the nation while the latter guards it.

Dear VRK, Yes the lack of commitment in most of the teachers is a problem and it can only be rectified by giving due recognition( not necessarily only financial) to all dedicated and inspiring teachers by the Parents, Society and also the Government, in that order. If the Parents accept poor quality then that's what they will get.What is also very important is the syllabus for the schools. If a Class VII drop out has not been taught the right things to enable him to function and interact well with the milieu he lives in, then the education he has received has been a failure. Can he operate a Bank account? Can he calculate his wages or his share of common expenses? or understand the concept of interest, or of percentage, or measure the area or boundaries of his field, or his purchases, in appropriate units? Can he operate a computer Kiosk for gathering information or making a choice, or reservation?Can he read a Newspaper or TV scroll, or express himself well, or send an SMS? and do so many such things that we think are ordinary tasks? Tasks he would need to be able to do even to take up a semi-skilled job. After Class X, what else does he need to know - to enable him to learn the skills necessary for a job ? So too after Class XII- what else does he need to learn to be able to make the right choice of what to learn more of to qualify himself for a career? We as Parents should demand a complete re-look of our School Syllabus, which seems to have frozen in the 18th. Century, if not earlier. I would appreciate ideas on these lines and will revise the article accordingly. Best Wishes.. P.T.

Dear Dhanunjay, Thanks for your comments. Please read my reply to Col VRK Prasad. Best Wishes..P.T.Choudary

Nice Article. Good for Students and Parents
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