"Equality for All or All are Equal"

"Equality for All or All are Equal"

by P.T. Choudary, Chairman IDEAz


Quotations for consideration:

  • "The defect of equality is that we desire it only with our superiors." -Henry Beique.
  • "Use what you possess since the woods would be very silent if no birds sang except those that sang the best."- Henry Van Dyke.
  • "The circumstances of our lives actually matter less to our happiness than the sense of control we feel over our lives". - Rory Sutherland.
  • "Life is like a game of cards. The hand you are dealt with is 'Determinism'; the way you play it is 'Freewill"'- Bertrand Russell.

Key Concepts:

  • The concepts of being 'Equal' and of being treated with 'Equality' are different.
  • 'Equalness' or 'Equality of Condition' is impossible to ensure, however 'Equality of Consideration & of Opportunity' can and must be ensured for all.

The concept of 'All are Equal' arises out of a confused aspiration to an 'Equality of Condition & of Outcome'. Such 'Equalness' or 'Equality of Condition & of Outcome' lies only in the domain of the Almighty who has not deemed it fit to create all as equals in every way (eg: In talents, natural endowments, circumstances or even luck) and attempts to bring everyone to an equal level, whether by getting or being given what 'they' have, or by seeking to bring 'them' down to 'our' level by some means or the other, will not only be foolish and deplorable but will also be against all rules of Nature and against the will of the Almighty.

Attempts to make all 'Equal' will call for all capable persons in all fields to be made to carry a handicap to reduce their abilities to the lowest level as it is not possible to reasonably raise that of the lowest performer beyond his ability.

So our Sports people will no longer try to score more runs or goals or try to attain to 'Faster, Higher and Stronger' goals, and our Engineers I Scientists I Thinkers will have to forget all learning and retreat into 'Stone Age'. Even then where will such a call stop? The Hunters and Toolmakers of this Age would then have to stop using their skills. Soon everybody would be on a never ending cycle of degrading capability till finally all of humanity would have descended into the slime of so called 'Equal Creatures', if such Equalness exits even at that level. True Equalness is perhaps only attainable by dying. Clearly this is not what we want our Future to be, and hence all talk of 'All are Equal' is misconstrued and irrational.

As A. C. Grayling notes –

"The real question, in the face of the many inequalities that exists in the real world is 'Equality' between whom, in what respect, and why?"

Equality is a good ideal, resting on a principle of justice, on grounds that there is no sufficient reason for treating any individual or group of individuals, differently on grounds of racism, sexism, ageism


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appreciate your thoughts on equality. this needs to be practiced by all. deepak

Dear Deepak, Thanks for your comments. Please feel free to offer any constructive suggestions on any of the Posts. Best Wishes…P.T.

Equality for all is not possible as each individual is a product of his own thoughts.Even the society in which we live encourages us to discriminate ourselves into classes, whether we travel in train, plane or watch a movie in a theatre or park our car in prime places. Our country is made of different classes, people living below poverty line, middle class and higher class. Its only their own understanding or their consciousness of choosing their own place which is responsible for their standard of living. People who want to live a rich life definitely try to choose a path that affords them the opportunity to fulfill their desires, people who think that hard work is the only basis of living end up as labourers and try to make their ends meet differently. and there are people who are small time employees of either government, private or public sector. who are happy to see themselves live as middle class. even the government does not provide equality to all.

Dear Sridhar, Thanks for your comments. I am glad you agree with our post that Equality for ALL is not a practical concept. What we can all strive for is Equal Opportunity in our pursuit of our own happiness and Equality of Consideration before Law & Authority. You may like to read the post again for greater understanding of the concept. Best Wishes.. P.T.

The basic point is well stated that ‘equality of opportunity for all’ is what is to be aimed for. This can be achieved to a large extent with maximum efficiency (i.e. with minimum costs and maximum positive results) by the governments both at the central and state level concentrating resources on providing quality basic education (primary, secondary, intermediate and vocational courses) to all children and people in the country. The government schools should be developed with better facilities, and provided with well paid teachers and provide free education to all with free school time (mid-day) meals to encourage all sections of society to send their children to these schools. As an example, in USA it is the norm for almost all children to go to goverment schools (called public schools) only. Children living in one area have to go to the local school only and this also encourages a feeling of equality since children of different background and social strata study together. It is possible to provide the resources for the above by many means, say by drastically cutting our (government) expenditure on higher education. Right now we have umpteen number of universities and hundreds of engineering and other colleges subsidised and supported by the government (UGC etc). The government should move out of subsidizing higher and professional education almost totally as it is being done now. It may retain a few like IITs, IIMs and equivalent colleges / institutes in other fields to retain a core presence but otherwise higher education may be left to the private initiative / sector. The education provided as above would fully meet the requirement of more than 95% of the population to do their jobs and participate in society. The present penchant for higher qualifications is only for elimination purposes since there are fewer jobs to aspirants and does not reflect any actual need for the performance of that job.

Dear David, Thanks for taking the time to read the post and getting back to me. I am glad you found the post interesting and worth serious consideration. Please pass the word around and encourage others too to also read and think about Equality and understand it. I look forward to your comments on the other posts. Best wishes.. P.T.

Dear Dayanand, Thanks for taking the time to read the post and getting back to me. I am glad you found the post interesting and worth serious consideration. It is true that to make the optimum use of the Opportunities in the pursuit of the individual happiness, it is essential that the individual be educated adequately to be able to recognize and take advantage of the opportunity. I agree with you that for this Primary & Secondary Education is vital and requires maximum support from the Government and all of us need to convince the Authorities to look to the future of the Country and not just to the Vote bank of Students above 18 years age in the Higher Education bracket. Please pass the word around and encourage others too to also read and think about Equality and understand it. I look forward to your comments on the other posts. Best wishes..P.T.

Sir I disagree with you as far higher education is concerned under present circumstances when equal oppertunities are not available at initial stages. Once we provide equal this then the reservation at IITs and IIMs or UPSC can be taken off. Jashwant

Dear Dr. Zavior, Thanks for your comments. Since faith in God is a personal matter and as we all agree that God did not make us all equal and, as we all do not seek to live as ascetics, we need to strive to make the best of what we have in the world we find ourselves.Envy of those better endowed or positioned in life is not the answer,right effort in a proper environment is.We therefore need to ensure the creation of such an environment,offering equal opportunity in life, and equal consideration before Law and from our Government, for everyone. Best Wishes… P.T.Choudary

Dear Jashwant, I enjoyed our conversations and your hospitality.Thanks once again, and also for your comments on this article!I agree with you entirely, we cannot do away with reservations in one go now.Actions taken now can allow us to do so perhaps 10 years later. I request you to go through the article again.I have said that if proper opportunities, for education and sports etc., are provided from the primary stage itself, it would not be necessary for reservations at higher levels.Unfortunately, as voting is only after the age of 18, our politicians do not see a benefit for themselves in doing things for children who will not be able to vote for them now.It is thus the responsibility of all of us, especially as Parents,to see that enough attention is given to matters of such importance even if the results are in the future. I look forward to your comments on the other articles too. Best Wishes..P.T.


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