'Foreign Born Citizens-Are all Citizens the Same; all the way, or only to a Limit?'

'FOREIGN BORN CITIZENS-Are all Citizens the Same; all the way, or only to a Limit?'
by P.T. Choudary, Chairman IDEAz

Quotations for consideration:

  • “The test of good citizenship is loyalty to the Country.” – Bainbridge Colby .
  • “Each one of us, by virtue of being born in this Country, took an unwritten oath to uphold the integrity of the Nation.” - Shiv Khera .

Key Concepts:

  • Reciprocity – A foreign citizen, taking Indian citizenship, can have no greater rights in India than those allowed to an Indian citizen on taking citizenship of that foreign country.
  • Why argue about the legal rights of a Foreign born citizen to occupy certain key posts in our Government when the question is really about the perception of their commitment to India

Consider: -

Certain posts and appointments in the Government allow the Holder to take actions, without affording others the opportunity to immediately moderate or prevent such of those actions as may be detrimental to the interests of the Country, even if rectified later on.

The following Appointments/ Posts, amongst many others, would undoubtedly fall within such a category.

  1. the President
  2.  the Vice-President (as he is but a Heart-Beat from the Presidency)
  3. the Prime Minister
  4. The Chiefs of the Armed Forces.
  5. The Chiefs of the Intelligence Agencies (e.g. RAW)

It is essential that ONLY persons who can be presumed to be 100% committed to the interests of the Country occupy such posts. i.e. persons who have NOT given any indication to be perceived as otherwise.

People who have been born and brought up in other countries can claim to have given up all their commitments to their Mother-Land and as now being 100% committed to this Country, but it is a matter for serious consideration and doubt as to how a person who can forget his/her Mother-Land can be 100% committed to an Adopted Land. It is only reasonable that when such a doubt exists, such a person should be barred from such sensitive Posts/ Appointments.

Drawing comparisons with ethnic Indian persons in other countries, who have been born there, or with First Generation Indians there, who have attained to high, but not such sensitive posts in their Country, are not valid or relevant.

Also trying to label a person as a Foreigner just because he/she was born in that part of India which later became Pakistan or Bangladesh etc., though he/she was born and always remained an Indian, is only trying to raise false, distorted and baseless allegations that cannot stand even reasonable scrutiny.

Also the willingness of an Individual to subordinate his/her views on Secular matters to any Authority outside the Country, especially religious (the POPE or an IMAM) whose views on Secular matters may at many times be biased and not in India’s interest, or the association, however slight, of an Individual with any group professing an anti India stand (Khalistanis, LeT, HUJI, SIMI, LTTE, PWG or such terrorist groups), would also be an evident disqualification for such sensitive

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How do you know the loyality of the person who changed his citizen ship or religion for the sake of money or due to other personal reasons.Those who have not cared SWADHARMA,or Swadesha may not care to be loyal to the adopted country.I therefore agree U S A system of not allowing sensitive posts like president to those 1st generation. Ofcourse, their children born there can stand for the post of president etc

Dear Hari Sir, Loyalty to the Country has nothing to do with Religion, as long as there is no commitment to others outside the Country on religious grounds.The matter of loyalty of those who change their Citizenship is covered in the Article.Thanks for your comments.. P.T.
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