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Book-2: Guide to Total Wellness, Vr-1.0

What do Good Health & Good Fitness actually mean and what minimum and convenient regime of diet and exercise to follow to attain to the desired levels of Health & Fitness.

The first and most important requirement is that each of us end-up with a body shape and condition that we each consider good for ourselves. Muscles and fat in the right proportion and in the right places as suits our body type and a general fitness level that allows us to do what we need to do each day

We each need to work on getting from where we are now to where we want to be in the shortest time possible and with the minimum effort (of Diet-Drugs / Supplements-Exercise). Anything more than such a ‘Minimum’ would only be a waste of effort and time and may also lead to undesirable effects such as injury, stress and tiredness.

What is given below is such a regime. To be followed fairly strictly till you reach your goal and that may then be relaxed as you deem convenient, but under constant self monitoring to remain, not at a specific weight or size but within +/- 5% of that weight or more importantly, the size you deem desirable.
Good Health means the body is functioning properly with an immune system that satisfactorily resists the illnesses caused by routine exposure to common pathogens and pollutants etc

Good Fitness means the person is easily able to do all that he/she needs to do during the day without injury or undue stress.

Health - Fitness

All this will come from following a right regime of:-

  • Diet – What you eat & drink and when you do so.
  • Drugs – are actually Food supplements, Condiments and medicines that you take to maintain or boost your immune system. Some drugs are safer than others, but almost anything will kill you at a high enough dose, even water or aspirin. It is the dose that makes anything a poison. The doses recommended herein are deemed safe. However do consult your Physician, especially if you are on any medication or are pregnant.
  • Exercise – The breathing and movement system that you follow to keep your mind and body as fit and flexible as required to allow you to meet the daily demands on each.

You need to understand the effects of each of the above and then decide on the most effective proportion of each to best attain your goals.

Everyone has an opinion or an anecdote to share about the best regime to follow to attain to good health and fitness. Many have written articles and books on such subjects and many of them have even become millionaires doing so, even if their followers have not really attained to long term satisfactory levels of health and fitness with reasonable effort. Hence the continuing cycle of the introduction of ever newer and allegedly more effective diet, or drug / supplement, or exercise regime.

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