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Labour Laws and  Unions:

Patronizing Labour Laws were needed till about 50 years ago to prevent less educated or even un-educated labourers from being exploited by unscrupulous Capitalists. Since then, better educated employees, digitally connected and informed of opportunities elsewhere, especially in the knowledge and skilled fields, are able to better negotiate for themselves. The Unions, already having lost  much of their  membership in the Developed countries and afraid of losing their hold in the Government and public sector units in India, are desperate to position themselves as protectors of the labourers?employees, wherein in actual fact most are sitting like ‘Dogs in the Manger’ preventing the Government from monetizing the resources locked in the ‘Sick’ units for the real benefit of the really poor. (See-“Garibi Hatao!”).

To encourage entrepreneurs, to set up the MSME’s, we need to remove the stranglehold of the many Labour Laws of today, at least for enterprises employing upto say 5000 employees. ESI and PF laws should also be reviewed.


In addition to Entrepreneurs and Businessmen, Craftsmen, Artisans, Weavers and such skilled persons should also be given the opportunity to get necessary finance at low interest rates. Of course the Bank or other financing Institution should properly monitor the use of the loan.

Local private Banks with ‘skin in the game’ where any losses would affect them would be better investors or lenders.


Digital connectivity and marketing platforms linked across the region or even across the Country, with rating of the suppliers done by the customers as done in e-bay, should be encouraged.


The COVID-19 experience has brought home the many expenses the Government has to bear for improperly regulated employment, both within India and abroad. We therefore need to insist that all such employees be insured against such circumstances, either by their prospective employers or, in case of employment abroad, by their Travel Agents or themselves.


India has from ancient times been the land of innovators, entrepreneurs and traders. It is only under the Colonizers that such abilities and  opportunities were systematically denied.

We need to again encourage such an attitude and learn to trust our citizens, even if with the attitude of ‘Trust but Verify’.

Wealth growers, whether Farmers, Craftsmen, Artisans or the knowledge and digital entrepreneurs of today should all be encouraged. After all it is only when wealth is increasingly generated that prosperity ensues.

Hence today our slogan should be –‘Jai Jawan’, ‘Jai Kisan’ and also ‘Jai Udyogan’.


Jai Bharat! – Jai Hind!

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