"Military Expenditure - The Case for,"

Military Expenditure - The Case for,


Need for Military Expenditure - Controlling it yet keeping the Military Effective - Deterrence.

Quotations for consideration:

  • “Let not thy WILL roar, whilst thy POWER can but whisper.” - Anon.
  • “The problem in defense is how far you can go without destroying from within what you are trying to defend from without.” - Dwight D. Eisenhower
  • “…my greatest fear is that in economic tough times people will see the defence budget as the place to solve the nation’s deficit problems… that would be disastrous... Defence is not like other discretionary spending. This is something we’re got to do and that we have a responsibility to do… our military must remain strong enough and agile enough to face a diverse range of threats, from non-state actors… to the more traditional threats of… conventional forces developing new capabilities that target our traditional strengths. We shrink from our… security responsibilities at our peril… we should learn from our (past) experience… that drastic reductions in the size and strength of the… military make armed conflict all the more likely with unacceptable high cost in… blood and treasure.” - Robert Gates .
  • “In war there is no prize for runners up.” - General Omar Bradley .
  • “To win a War may take billions; but losing the War takes all that you have got” - Anon

Key Metrics:

  1. Total global Military expenditure in 2009 was US $ 1531 bn: - USA- $ 661 bn, China - $ 100 bn, France-$ 66 bn, UK- $ 65 bn, Russia- $ 59 bn, Germany- $ 47 bn, Japan- $ 46 bn, Saudi Arabia- $ 38 bn, Pakistan - $ 18.16 bn, likely to go up by another $ 2.0 bn, expenses for SWAT Operations and USA aid are not included, and India- $ 30 bn only, which also includes expenditures not really for the Military.
  2. Per Capita Military expenditure in 2009 in US $ was highest in the USA at $ 2151.71, China at $ 52.07, France at $ 752.03, UK at $ 718.95, Germany at $ 424.79, Japan at $ 358.80, Saudi Arabia at $ 833.75, Pakistan at $ 25.31 and India at only $ 13.17.
  3. As percentage of GDP the Military expenditure was USA- 4.3%, China- 2.0% though the actual spending is estimated to be 1.75 to 2.5 times the official figures, France- 2.3%, UK- 2.5%, Russia- 3.5% , Japan- 0.9%, Germany- 1.3%, Saudi Arabia- 8.2%, Pakistan- 5.8% and India- 2.6% only.

The Objective of Military Expenditure:-

Military expenditure is a balancing act between controlling the size of the military and yet keeping it effective to meet the expected threats.

There is always a protest when the expenditure allocation for Defence is announced in the Budget. ‘This expenditure is not required for a Country which has no imperial ambitions or acquisitive intentions’, they say, ‘the money can be better spent on many of the essential social needs crying to be addressed’.

All such people should recall and reflect on


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This is a very great article, but something else we would like to read in this article is about corruption by our politicians with regards to defense money. If all of the money allocated for this expenditure is well spent, I guess people would not mind paying their share of taxes especially when they are assured that it is for their protection.

Dear Raghuveer, Thanks for your comments. Military /Defence Expenditure cannot be conditional, as the article tries to make clear. Your point may be better answered in another manner. Please also read the article on 'Black Money' & 'Counterfeit currency' for actions against corruption. Best Wishes.. P.T.
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