"Mumbai 26/11 to 28/11/2008 (Comments as on 30/11)"

away by his personal courage and his enthusiasm for action into forgetting his primary responsibility as the “GENERAL”- who needs to stand back and go about gathering all information, planning, coordinating and directing all the forces at his disposal as per his plan, to bring about as quick a resolution to the situation as possible,- and who unnecessarily put himself and two other Senior Police Officers into the 'frontline' and fell victim within minutes without having achieved anything except demoralizing his Forces.

This was the biggest blow to the effort to react appropriately to the rapidly unfolding events. It was something that the terrorists in their wildest dreams could not have ever hoped to achieve, but did purely inadvertently and unknowingly.

This blow allowed the Terrorists hours of near uncontested freedom to do as they wanted, as confusion seemed to prevail amongst all those others who should have reacted to this calamity and come forth to take up the responsibility to resolve the crisis.

The braveryof a few exceptional policemen and the quick thinking of an announcer ( Vishnu Zende ) at the CST and the action of some personal of the RPF (Senior Inspector S.D. Khirotkar and Head Constable Jillu Yadav ) and of the GRP (Senior Inspector Shashank Shinde ) all of who were amongst the few that had engaged the Terrorists and had thus not only prevented greater carnage but also drove the Terrorists from there to an easier target the CAMA Hospital. But the terrorists aim was said to be, to get to the Mantralaya, and after some aimless firing at CAMA Hospital, and not finding any easy targets there, due to the prompt action of the Hospital Staff in locking Patients behind doors and with the determined action of a Police Officer there in, who was himself wounded as he shot at and wounded one Terrorist (later identified as Ajmal Kasab ) in the arm. This forced the Terrorists to seek anotherway out and find an easier target elsewhere. Exiting the Hospital through the rear entrance, they shot at and sought to hijack a Honda car there but were distracted by an approaching vehicle, which happened to be the Police vehicle occupied by the ATS Chief, the two senior Police Officers and four other Police personnel. Ambushing this vehicle the terrorists killed 6 of the occupants and injured the 7th who played dead, hijacked the vehicle and drove towards Mantralaya.

Accosted by the police at the Metro junction they killed 4 policemen and diverted toward Girguam Chowpatty. But their vehicle was now having a punctured tyre and they hence stopped and hijacked a passing Skoda car. It was a brave and alert but unarmed policeman(ASI Tukaram Omble ) who, informed of the incident via his walkie-talkie, saw the Skoda whizzing past and chased it on his 2- wheeler. At the Girgaum junction other alert policemen had quickly set up a barricade causing the Skoda car to slow down and thus allowing ASI Omble to overtake

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