"Mumbai 26/11 to 28/11/2008 (Comments as on 30/11)"

  • Could we expect more strikes elsewhere?
  • Were these terrorists really trained to ‘Super human’ levels from being near ‘Riff-Raff', off the streets of small town Pakistan, with less than a year of sporadic though intense training? OR, were they only the usual sort of suicidal militants, somewhat better trained and working to a more than usually well thought out plan?
  • The old injuries and disabilities found on a couple of them, one missing three fingers of his right hand and the other also missing fingers of his right hand, were indicative only of a level of ‘adhocism’ in training with explosives and of the exceptional level of their commitment and ‘brain washing/ conditioning’ being the reason for their selection for this operation and not their intelligence or initiative. They were ‘sacrificial goats’ who, thankfully, really could not better use the resources they had and the extra time they were inadvertently given by the slow reaction of our forces, to create more havoc.

All concerned should have refrained from according to these terrorists higher capabilities than they actually had. The media coverage and the indecision everyone concerned displayed for hours only presented our Nation in a poor light.

The only thing the Government did right was when they called on a media TV Channel to stop Broadcasting the ‘ranting and ravings’ of a terrorist, who had called the Channel up on the mobiles of some of the hostages/victims. As what little of what they did broadcast showed, this would only be propaganda and rabble rousing and would serve no one’s purpose but that of the terrorists to glorify themselves.

However shocking and damaging the Terrorist Operation was, targeting as it did the Land marks in the City, it was in reality a small operation that was finally dealt with by the NSG under a Major's command. The same could actually have also been done much earlier by the MARCOS available on site if not for the pusillanimous Politicians, Bureaucrats and Police Authorities who refused to put in writing the order for the MACROs to take necessary action, something that they were actually required to do under the Law.

Lack of responsible Leadership was the single biggest lacuna in the entire operation.

IMAGINE how different things would have been:

  • If there was such a LEADER.
  • If a functional mobile / temporary control centre was properly established near the site to better co-ordinate local action under an effective incident commander reporting to the Leader or ATS commander.
  • If the local mobile network was jammed and the internet / telephone connections disabled, except for the lines through the hotel exchanges or such other selected lines, to control the flow of information and to prevent the terrorists from being advised / informed by their colleagues outside.
  • If the proper barricades were called for immediately and set up by the BMC and/or the Police.
  • If the Fire Fighters were properly directed to further expand their rescue and firefighting efforts.
  • If all the persons exiting the building
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