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Personal Choices – Making each Right!


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Personal choices are many each day, some seemingly trivial, others serious and which require a conscious decision to make, all of which have corresponding consequences. We need to understand how to discriminate between them and how to ensure that we make the right and appropriate choice each time.

Given here are a few guidelines to do so which enable you to have greater confidence in your choice and less, if any, regret thereafter.

However, do not take the making of all choices with the same seriousness. As Rolf Dobelli advises, in situations where the possible consequences are serious, be as reasonable and rational as possible, especially if you are out of your real circle of competence in which you could have trusted your instincts as they have been honed by learning and effort. But in situations where the consequences are not so serious (i.e. diet or regular soda, tea or coffee or sparkling of a flat water) you can let your intuitions and inclinations take over. After all making choices can be exhausting.

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