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The Indian Judicial System - Comments on

Summary: A good Judicial system, properly implemented, is what keeps the other elements of a Democracy functioning properly and..

The Ayodhya Case

Summery: The Ayodhya Ram mandir case is a long pending issue due to the inability of those concerned to understand the importance..

The Sabarimala Temple Case

Summary Equal rights and gender discrimination have been made the cause for entry into Temples where custom calls on Women of a..

Temples & Earth’s Energy grids

SUMMARY All life on earth is sensitive  to some level or the other to the energy fields that are present across it. The field..

Minority – What is it?

Summary: Too many people seek to receive special consideration by claiming to be from a disadvantaged minority and hence worthy..

RAM SETHU - The Controversy

RAM SETHU - The Controversy Summary Ram Sethu is the alleged land bridge, more a causeway, connecting India to Lanka as said to ..

"Stone Pelting - A Perspective"

Highlights: Stone pelting is a common provocation by rioters - Situation is escalated to trigger a hard response - Injuries and..

Burkha and the Ability to Communicate

Summary: Civilization developed because of the ability to communicate with each other. Anything that prevents proper communicat..

Common / Uniform Civil Code - How to implement it?

Summary: A Nation must have ONE system of Law for all its citizens as all citizens should have equal rights and be considered b..

‘Gays’ Rights - A Secular Solution

Summary: Human relationships between two persons can be sexual or civil unions. Historically what was recognized as a Marriage ..

Foreign Born Citizens -Their Rights?

Summary: Citizenship can be acquired as a birthright or as a legal/ naturalized right. A born citizen is assumed to have a cert..

Armed Forces Special Powers Act

Summary: The Armed Forces Special Protection Act (AFSPA) comes into effect only for the period and, where the Government has de..