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“Fair or Dark & the Measure of Beauty”

Summary: Admiration for fair or dark complexion may not be a measure of beauty but the cultural and historic measure of economi..

Parental responsibilities and Reincarnation and Karma

Summary Sanatana Dharma recognizes that the Atma of the individual elects go through various life times of baring and experienc..

"Austerity - Understanding & Practicing it"

            Quotations for consideration: “One person’s Austerity may yet..

‘Fair or Dark & the Measure of Beauty’

“Being happy in your skin that's what it's all about.” - Koo Stark “There is no beauty without strangeness.” - Karl..

Youth & Age - Zeal & Wisdom & Message to the Youth.

Summary: Youth has always exemplified fitness, zeal, emotions and risk taking, while Age exemplifies maturity, wisdom and under..

Achhe Din – Myth or Reality?

Summary ‘Achhe Din’ or Good times, is a concept that is very subjective and varies time to time. An understanding of how we t..