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Girl Child - Protecting & Impr..

Summary: A practical and actionable way to greatly improve the condition of the Girl Child of a poor Family. The girl child from a poor family faces the threat of abortion, of death at birth and, if allowed to be, a life of disadvantaged, malnutrition and discriminatory consideration that eff..

Temples & Earth’s Energy gri..

SUMMARY All life on earth is sensitive  to some level or the other to the energy fields that are present across it. The fields are especially strong when the field line cross to form nodes. The energies at such nodes have some specific effects on all living creatures and those consciously a..

“Fair or Dark & the Measure ..

SUMMARY Admiration for fair or dark complexion may not be a measure of beauty but the cultural and historic measure of economic status. Attractiveness is subjective and the admiration for the exotic or unusual may be only superficial land only for a while. Beauty as all know is more than skin..

Education - in the 21st Centur..

Summary: Proper Education is a must to prepare our children for the Future world they would be growing up to live in. In the Agricultural era, education mainly meant the ability for counting, paying taxes and measuring of land. In the industrial age, education meant the ability to be timel..

"Austerity - Understanding & P..

Quotations for consideration: “One person’s Austerity may yet be another person’s Ostentatiousness.” - Anon “There is no austerity equal to a balanced mind, and there is no happiness equal to contentment; there is no disease like covetousness, and no virtue like mercy.” - Chana..