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DEMOCRACY - Effective, Accountable & the Best option

Summary: Democracy is a method of Government of the ‘People’ for ‘All the People’. Not a dictatorship of the ‘Majori..

Leadership – or the lack of it!
(eg: Mumbai 26/11 - comments as on 30/11/2008)

Summary: The 26/11 terror attack at Mumbai was enabled to grow from an incident into a major terror attack due to lack of prepa..

Electoral Reforms and Election Funding

Summary: A Democracy is only as effective as its electoral system.     Our present electoral system suffer..

Languages - Make Us Strangers In Our Own Country?

Summary: Language is for communication, both Nationally and Globally and, enough importance must be given to the Mother tongue ..

Smaller States - How Small? - How Many? - Why not BIGGER? (Do we say - JAI - this, or JAI - that, or ONLY - JAI HIND? - THINK!)

Summary: The demand for the division of existing large States into Smaller States has long been pending. Some States such as Jh..

Lands / Rights - Acquisition & Compensation there for

Summary: Development at many times calls for acquisition of Property, curtailment of some Rights, of the people affected. It ca..

Bureaucrats – Selection & Development

Summery: Qualified, competent, industrious Bureaucrats with high integrity and loyalty to the Nation and an attitude of ‘Serv..