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Smaller States - How Small? - ..

Summary The demand for the division of existing large States into Smaller States has long been pending. Some States such as Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and Telangana have been carved out, though in the case of Telangana it was against the will of the State Legislature. Decisions on the division of St..

Lands / Rights - Acquisition &..

Summary Development at many times calls for acquisition of Property, curtailment of some Rights, of the people affected. It cannot be anyone’s rational argument that we deny development or leave resources unexploited. We should only seek to do so with equitable compensation to those affected an..

Electoral Reforms and Election..

Summary: A Democracy is only as effective as its electoral system. Our present electoral system suffers from many short-comings that, given the will of the people and support of the Election Commission and the Judiciary, canbe corrected easily. We need a system that selects the right cand..

DEMOCRACY - Effective, Account..

Summary: Democracy is a method of Government of the ‘People’ for ‘All the People’. Not a dictatorship of the ‘Majority’ non appeasement of any Minority, but with an understanding of the interests of All. However as any such system cannot really be designed for all times, a good syste..

"Languages - Make Us Strangers..

Summary: Language is for communication, both Nationally and Globally and, enough importance must be given to the Mother tongue / Local language and also to develop our ancient language Sanskrit. Especially today as the world is recognizing the importance of Sanskrit and is seeking to learn it. ..

"Bureaucrats – Selection & D..

Bureaucrats - Selection & Development (Also solving the problem of Officer Shortage in the Armed Forces) SUMMARY Qualified, competent, industrious Bureaucrats with high integrity and loyalty to the Nation and an attitude of ‘Service before Self’ are essential for a Government to functio..

Leadership – or the lack of ..

 Summary The 26/11 terror attack at Mumbai was enabled to grow from an incident into a major terror attack due to lack of preparation or of standard operating procedures and due to a systemic absence of leadership willing to stand-up and be accountable. Quotations for consideration: “I..