“War - Weapons, Equipment & Transport for the 21st Century”

War - Weapons, Equipment & Transport for the 21 st Century


Changes in the concepts of warfare – Calls for newer types of weapons, equipment, transport and technologies

Quotations for consideration:

  • “It is an unfortunate fact that we can secure peace only by preparing for war.” - John F. Kennedy.
  • “Today the real test of power is not the capacity to make war, but the capacity to prevent (deter) it.” - Anne O’Hare Mc Cormick .
  • “Failing to keep pace with the developments in warfare is a dangerous luxury with defeat as the almost sure end.” - Anon.


The nature of war in the 21 st Century calls for a different type of organization and, in this Information & Technological Age, for soldiers to be super empowered by smart, robust and effective weapon systems, smart personal and communication equipment and fast, agile and reliable means of transport suitable for executing their tasks.

The weapons, equipment and transport systems must be such as to enable the forces to operate as the modern equivalent of an effective Sniper. To rapidly identify, target, and kill / destroy the enemy’s Commanders and the nodes of their command network. Thus destroying the cohesiveness and coordination of the enemy Forces, and thereby reducing them to a bunch of isolated and ineffective rabble.

To enable infiltration and ex-filtration of Special Forces personnel into and from enemy territory to undertake such missions as deemed necessary for the security of our Country.

To use rapidly deployable unmanned vehicles, remotely operated crafts and robots, to gather intelligence and enable identification and monitoring of enemy activities and targets, using data analysis, remote sensing etc, and also to destroy selected enemy targets.

To also develop equipment and technologies, for cyber attack and defence capabilities and for defence against Weapons of Mass Destruction.


By reorganizing the DRDO and the Ordnance Factories etc to work with Universities and Industry to identify, develop and productionize, the required new age weapons, equipment and transport. Encourage innovation and even reverse engineering as may be required. DRDO should also work with the Ordnance Factories and other Public Sector Units such as MIDHANI, BHEL (R&D) and ECIL etc, and even selected private sector companies, to setup additive manufacturing (3-D printing by deposition using nozzles or sintering / solidification using lasers etc) facilities, as such manufacturing, taking full advantage of digital technology, will soon become the order of the day, and result in a ‘regime shift’ in manufacturing, especially for custom modeling and small batch manufacturing.

  1. Nature of New Age Weapons, Equipment and Transport :
  1. Light & effective body armour.
  2. Personalized & effective communication links.
  3. Highly agile, standardized weapon platforms, appropriate to the task and terrain and capable of being fitted with selected weapons load appropriate to the task. (High Energy lasers, masers, focused sonic generators etc..,)
  4. Unmanned ‘bots’ capable of infiltration, into selected sites and of remaining there in a passive observation mode, till called up on to act against appropriate targets vide pre-programmed routines


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