"Youth & Age - Zeal & Wisdom"

peer pressure and attitudes. They see things mostly in stark shades of ‘Black and White’ and cannot comprehend the tolerance of their elders who see and speak of the many shades of ‘Grey’ in between.

Youth cannot know how age thinks and feels, but can easily confirm that they at 30 know and understand more than they did at 20, and at 20 were better than at 15 and so on. So perhaps they should thus keep an open mind about what they could be at 40, or 50 or 60, or even at 80 or more and be more aware of the value of wisdom that comes with age, knowledge, experience and maturity. After all the only way to grow old is to start young and age. As J. K. Rowling says “Youth cannot know how age thinks and feels. But old men are guilty if they forget what it was to be young”.

Youth Research Organization describes Youth as being motivated by:

  • Inspiration - They ‘dare to dream’ a vision.
  • Aspiration - A ‘Can Do’ attitude in meeting challenges and achieving goals.
  • Resilience - A ‘Never say Die’ spirit in the face of adversity.
  • Integrity - The courage to ‘Walk the Talk’.
  • Compassion- The passion to ‘Serve by Doing’.

Add to that,

  • Over confidence - leading to reckless risk taking and precipitate actions.

Remember that Age has also lived through Youth and therefore the actions of Youth would be more effective and meaningful when tempered and directed by the wisdom of Age.

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Attachment - MESSAGE - To my Young Friends,

I take this opportunity to exhort each of you to -

‘Think Big - Dare to Dream & Strive to Achieve’, -

by always giving of your best and continually striving to attain to just that 'little bit more' .

You deserve to be Happy and Loved and Respected for who you are (not for who your parents were or for what you have), and the only way this will come to be is through your own RIGHT EFFORTS , which will, by the GRACE of GOD, and with the BLESSINGS of your ELDERS and the GOODWISHES of your FRIENDS, get you the success you deserve. May be not in your very first effort, but finally, as you learn to view failure, not as a wasted effort, but as a lesson in what did not work, and so direct your future efforts in a more effective manner. Remove the word ‘Impossible’ from your vocabulary, as that word is only for those who give up too easily. Let me quote the saying that reflects the attitude of the Corps of Engineers, Indian Army to any task:

“The Impossible we do routinely, for Miracles we need a weeks notice!”

A Sense of Purpose, and the satisfaction of having given of your BEST for any undertaking, leads to your Happiness. So aim to: “Be Happy & Spread Happiness around you!”

Being HAPPY also arises out of

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Good Afternoon Sir, I went through your post. As we are today’s youth our focus should be on becoming better citizen tomorrow rather than assuming best ourselves in this initial stage only. I really liked it. Can you please add few points on what exactly do the youth today should follow to be a better citizen tomorrow? Will appreciate your immediate response.

Dear Sruthi, It was indeed a pleasure to interact with you and a few other ‘Nalandans’ during my recent visit to your institution. As regards your query about what Youth should aim to follow to be better citizens. I call your attention to the attachment to the article ‘Youth & Age’ in this site. With Best wishes P.T. Choudhary

hello sir, we met in the library.. :) you must have noticed by now that as soon as we finished speaking, Tania and I were heading up to the computers to check this site, a pleasurable experience indeed. I just wanted to let you know that; Today’s youth, has a lot of potential. All the politicians of this era are emulating each other, getting corrupted and in fact, after the 2G scam, all the exteriors have been stripped, revealing their dark and morbid interiors, that they would go so low to attain meager sums of money. No young leader has shown such levels of corruption, though there are a few cases of it (i wont disagree) its not on such a large scale. so in my opinion, the youth just needs a little trust, and our world will turn itself around :) I don’t mean to be prejudiced, yet, I believe that age is not a factor, to be taken to consideration whilst choosing leaders.

Dear Karan, As regards ‘Youth& Age’, corruption is not a characteristic of Age, though ofcourse there will be more opportunities for corruption as time passes. I agree that age is not a factor to be taken into consideration whilst choosing Leaders, but experience & maturity are essential, and I would like to know how one can get these without growing old in the process. See the essay on “bringing our money back from foreign Banks” to better understand the difference between corruption,a moral & ethical issue, and illegal, a purely man made issue. I would also request you to re-read the essay on “Age& Youth” after that.-Looking forward to your comments on these and the other essays, such as on ‘Stone Pelting’, ‘Austerity’, ‘Education’ etc…Best Wishes… P.T.

Sir, Good evening! Thanks for such a nice article that I have read. I feel that For country like India, combination of dynamic youth & judgmental experienced will do. Every Indian child is raised teaching “respect your elders” at home. With guardianship of seniors youth will become more powerful & real heroes for creating a better society faster than knowledged working alone. Regards.

This is first article I have read. Very interesting topic..Admire your versatility in writing and quoting from various sources. Well written article. I have an observation.. Anna Hazare, in spite of his age, has shown enthusiasm of an Young person in taking up the cause of removing corruption. Similarly some young leaders have shown wisdom beyond their age.. ( Scindia junior, Sachin Pilot).. At the same time Rahul is identified as a Youth Congress Leader.. How do we differentiate.. With best wishes and regards raghu

Hi! Raghu, Thanks for your comments.As regards Anna Hazare & the young who are wiser than their age – that is exactly what I’m saying. Age is not the only criterion of wisdom, as some grow older but do not grow wiser, but even those that do keep growing wiser as they too age. I look forward to your comments on the other articles too.Best Wishes…P.T.

Thanks Radhakrishna Garu, Do read the other articles too. Best Wishes.. P.T.

Your Message to youth is short and interesting. So I am publishing your extract in our annual magazine of ideanexus.com .I hope you will permit me. I will post you a hard copy after it is published

Tuhin Today’s problem with youth is DRUNK AND RASH DRIVING. Many are loosing life and causing worry to their beloved.You may write about this point. I am planning to Put in web site idatanexus.com. and get Pledge from the youth from all over the world. “YOUTH THINK& TAKE OATH. PROMISE NOT TO resort DRUNK & DRIVE. LIFE IS MORE VALUABLE THAN THRILL” I WOULD LIKE TO LINK OUR SITE IDEAZ4INDIA.COM after your article on youth.


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